My Family Trees
  • Sebastian Lucas Family of Wood County, Ohio
  • Charles Burkhardt Sr. Family of Wood County, Ohio

Please e-mail with any information or interest you may have in these family trees. When I get the time and money, I plan to print another copy of each tree for distribution. E-mail me at if you would like a copy.
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My new custom Family Tree program written by my good friend, George Graham, is complete. I have made the full conversion of both family trees to this program which was written in Visual FoxPro 6.0. Everyone in the tree is now assigned a number, or 'treecode'. This number sets up the relations between people, be it for marriage or parents, and makes everything easier to track.

I wrote a routine that does a dump of basic information into HTML code so you can access the information here. I have decided not to add more information online because of privacy issues.

I have looked at some of the many programs available for tracking trees and found them to be simplistic and sadly lacking in many areas. They were also too 'user friendly'. I noticed that these other programs tracked from the parents down. My system tracks from the child up. Since I was already used to the way my Uncle's tree system worked, I decided to keep the same type of printout and move the data out of ASCII files and into a database system creating relational links and simplifying data maintenance. The printout format created quite a challenge to George but he was able to pull it off!

I would like to thank George Graham for his fine programming and helping me make this come together. Also, thanks to my Uncle Bob Protsik for the years of help and the use of his program for generating the tree printouts.

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