About Me

     I started the Lucas Family Tree in the summer of 1989 with little more than stories told by my father and mother, Lawrence and Catherine Lucas, about family members of generations past.  I found that with further questioning and memory jogging, they knew a great deal.

If you have seen a copy of the Burkhardt Family Tree which I started in 1992, you will see many of the same people in both trees.  There are three different connections between the Lucas and Burkhardt families.

This may give the impression that there was only a limited amount of families in northwest Ohio and one was limited on choices of mates.  I believe that it had more to do with the fact that travel was more difficult 100 years ago and one did not meet many other people.  Maybe it's just that our ancestors were all a bunch of great looking people and didn't need to look any further for a mate.  That's why we're all so great looking - don't you agree?

This web site serves double duty as a source of information pertaining to the Lucas and Burkhardt trees, and as a contact point for the Sebastian Lucas Reunion.

Contact Info

John Lucas

Please e-mail with any information or interest you may have in these family trees. When I get the time and money, I plan to print another copy of each tree for distribution. E-mail me at john@steamgraphics.com if you would like a copy.