Sebastian Lucas was born in Prussia (Bavaria), Germany in 1837.

Margaret Deimling was born July 21, 1843 in Liverpool Twp, Valley City, Ohio. They were married in April of 1861. The Lucas family resided on Lime City Road just a mile or so north of US 20 (Fremont Pike) near Perrysburg Ohio in Wood County.

The Lucas Children

Sebastian & Margaret Lucas had 10 children:

  • ~ Louisa Lucas married Frederick Wolf
  • ~ Joseph Lucas married Anna M Burkhardt
  • ~ Josephine C Lucas married William M Restle
  • ~ George H Lucas married Mary ‘Mammie’ Dreps
  • ~ Anna M Lucas married Oren B Shiery
  • ~ Benjamin Lucas married Catharine M Langendorfer
  • ~ Mary G Lucas married Frank J Burkhardt
  • ~ John J Lucas married Emma M Burkhardt
  • ~ Catherine Lucas married Thomas Grabenstetter
  • ~ The youngest, Clara, died at the age of 3.

Lucas Family of Wood County, Ohio

     Sebastian Lucas immigrated from Bavaria to this country in 1853 when he was 16 years old. The following information is from a ship's manifest. I have no other means of confirming this information at the present time, but have included it in the tree because the dates do match up with other information. Sebastian's parents were Johann (b.1805) and Catharine (b.1823) Lucas and they all came together with Sebastian's younger sister Susanna (b.1844) and brother Leonhardt (b.1850). They disembarked in Havre on November 12, 1853. I assume this is the town of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Sebastian and his parent's occupations were listed as 'Farmer.'

I have no more information on Sebastian until April 1861 when he and Margaret were married.

Burkhardt Family of Wood County, Ohio

     Charles Burkhardt, Sr. was born January 27, 1826 in Hanover, Germany. He immigrated to the US in 1830, growing up and settling South of Perrysburg in Wood County Ohio, where he was a farmer. He married Mary Anna Heilman (b.1830) on January 19, 1851, whom had immigrated from Bavaria, Germany. Charles and Mary had eight children.